Editorial Policy for EduMath

1. EduMath is an official publication of the Hong Kong Association for
Education. It serves to set up a forum among mathematics 
    educators in various sectors of
Hong Kong through which news from within
    and without the Association can be passed
around and ideas and experiences
    in mathematics education can be shared.

2. EduMath accommodates articles of a wide spectrum. Essays, short notes, news,

    abstracts, issues on classroom teaching, mathematical problems encountered in

    teaching, etc., which can bring about awareness, promote better understanding,

    and/or broadening the horizon of mathematics and mathematics education are

    all welcome.

3. In general, EduMath would not publish articles longer than 5000 words or

    those written in pseudonyms. Authors are requested to put their names and

    affiliations under the titles of their articles and their e-mail addresses and

    postal addresses at the end of their articles. Unless otherwise requested,

    e-mail addresses of the authors will be appended at the end of their articles

    when their articles were being published.

4. Manuscripts should be typed with Microsoft Word® for Windows® using the

    Word 2010 docx file extension format. It should be formatted according to a

    pre-set template ( Chinese template / English template ) and sent via

    e-mail to hkame.edumath@gmail.com. Alternatively, a CD containing the

    manuscript can be sent to the Editor of EduMath, P.O. Box 6139, G.P.O.,

    Central, Hong Kong.

5. EduMath is printed in black and white. Please convert all the figures in the

    manuscripts into black and white format and make sure the quality of the

   figures is camera-ready. If the file size exceeds 2 MB, please send the file using

   a CD to the address mentioned in 4. above.

6. Published articles do not represent the stand of the Association and authors are

    responsible for all statements made in their work. Unless otherwise requested,

    the Editorial reserves the right to make slight amendment to manuscripts

    accepted for publication. Once published, the Association retains the copyright

    of the articles.

7. Whenever copyright is involved, such as the use of illustrations or lengthy

    quotes published elsewhere, authors are responsible for obtaining permission

    from the respective copyright owners.

8. Do not submit the same article to EduMath and to any other publications

    simultaneously. The manuscript will not be returned to the author whether it is  

    accepted for publication or not.

9. Three complimentary copies of the issue will be sent to the author(s) concerned

    once the article is published.